How We Help You

Building Financial Plans that Support Your Future

Because we don’t know what the future holds, I plan for the unexpected by having a financial comfort zone for each client, depending on their specific financial circumstances. Because physical health often declines as we age, I help clients plan for increased medical and nutritional costs in the future, which will support their physical health as much as possible.

As an independent advisor, I have access to a wide variety of investment strategies, which allows me to customize client portfolios to their needs. I take an active management approach while staying cost-conscious and rebalancing portfolios to keep them aligned with clients’ goals. I believe in diversification and rotation, keeping in mind business cycles when it may be more prudent to invest in different kinds of industries. I am also mindful of how decisions are made by monitoring our behaviors with respect to market conditions, and helping clients stick to their long-term goals by managing the emotions that come with investing and money.

Our Wealth Management Services

Investment Management

  • Analyze Current Investments
  • Recommend Investment Strategies
  • Determine Asset Allocation
  • Seek Diversification
  • Invest Tax-Efficiently
  • Follow Disciplined Rebalancing
  • Offer Collateralized Lending
  • Align with Risk Tolerance
  • Review 401(k) Investments
  • Provide Regular Reports

Financial Planning

  • Analyze and Manage Cash Flow
  • Review and Develop Budget
  • Establish Emergency Funds
  • Reduce Tax Implications
  • Coordinate with Estate Planning Attorney
  • Determine Priority Goals and Timeline
  • Identify College Savings Plans
  • Support Charitable Giving
  • Identify Mortgage and Refinancing Opportunities
  • Plan for Life Transitions and Events
  • Assist Children or Parents
  • Analyze Executive Benefits

Distribution Planning

  • Design Income and Withdrawal Strategies
  • Plan for Desired Retirement Lifestyle
  • Identify Supplemental Income Options
  • Develop Business Succession Plan

Risk Management

  • Evaluate Insurance Coverage
  • Mitigate Longevity Risk
  • Recommend Insurance Options
  • Plan for Long-Term Care


  • Offer Client Events
  • Send Monthly Newsletter
  • Help Overcome Financial Biases
  • Provide Online Videos and Articles
  • Meet for Annual Review
  • Share Market Updates
  • Quarterly Advisory Update Commentary

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